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MasterColor® CDM-TC T4 Elite
Simply irresistable.
Superior light quality
from start to finish
MasterColor® CDM-TC T4 Elite
The Elite family is at the very top of the MasterColor®
CDM range, and gives a unique combination of unbeatable
light quality and consistent performance over lifetime.
While keeping running costs low. Philips MASTERColor
CDM Elite delivers outstanding performance at reduced
cost. Its extremely high efficiency means less power is
required for each lumen of light produced. And the
consistent lumen levels significantly cut the need for
maintenance and replacement, which also translates into
savings. It is a compact, energy efficient, ceramic metal
halide lamp that provides crisp, sparkling light.
• Energy-efficient alternative to incandescent/halogen.
• Improved lumen maintenance over standard metal halide.
• A compact solution for retail displays.
• Lamp to lamp color consistency over life.
• High lamp efficacy.
• Lamp to lamp color consistency over life.
• Lamps feature FadeBlock, an integrated UV blocking medium for
reduced fading of fabrics and paintings.
• Available in 39W and 70W versions T4 shape.
• Ideal for retail display lighting, general and indirect lighting, wall
washing and fiberoptic systems.
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