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MasterColor® CDM-T T6
Simply irresistable. Superior light quality from start to finish
MasterColor® CDM-T T6
MasterColor CDM lamp gives a unique combination of
unbeatable light quality and consistent performance over
lifetime, while keeping running costs low. The Philips
MasterColor 3000K Tubular Single-Ended T6 lamp is a
compact, energy efficient, ceramic metal halide lamp that
provides crisp, sparkling light.
• Energy-efficient alternative to incandescent/halogen.
• Improved lumen maintenance over standard metal halide.
• A compact solution for retail displays.
• Universal burning position.
• 81-85 CRI (color rendering index)
• Color stability over life within ± 200K.
• Lamp to lamp color consistency over life.
• Lamps feature FadeBlock, an integrated UV blocking medium for
reduced fading of fabrics and paintings.
• 22W, 39W, 70W and 150W versions.
• Ideal for retail display lighting, general and indirect lighting, wall
washing and fiberoptic systems.