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MasterColor® CDM-T Elite Med Wattage
The next generation of white light MasterColor® CDM-T Elite Med Wattage
The Philips MasterColor Elite MW system offers an
unrivalled level of light quality and performance. The lamp's
sparkling white light creates a natural ambience and really
brings out the best in all different types of colors. In
addition, the high efficiency of the lamp and ballast together
means reduced energy use and a lower cost of ownership
compared to a 400W Metal Halide HID system.
• Excellent color rendering of 90+ CRI.
• Philips “Green Flagship Product” - Low mercury, no lead.
• New socket design provides higher optical efficiency.
• Significant upgrade opportunity over traditional HID systems.
• Viable alternative to fluorescent options.
• Excellent color quality and consistent light output from beginning to
• Being 50% smaller than traditional metal halide lamps, MasterColor
CDM Elite MW gives freedom in optic and luminaire design.
• Sparkling properties of white light create a more natural an inviting
• 210 & 315 Watt, 3000 & 4200 color versions. Each powered by a
Philips Advance e-Vision electronic ballast.
• Ideal for architectural facade lighting, illumination of pedestrian areas,
indoorretail outlets, warehouses, manufacturing facilities.