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MasterColor® CDM MR16
Accent with sparkling,
energy efficient light
MasterColor® CDM MR16
Philips MasterColor® CDM-MR16 combines the familiar
compact shape of MR-16 halogen lamps with the
performance of ceramic metal halide MasterColor lamps.
• Philips MasterColor CDM MR16 is 100% compatible with existing
HID systems in the market today.
• Compact size suitable for open fixtures.
• Beam spreads available in 10, 25 and 40 degrees.
• Energy savings—up to 2 times less energy consumed than standard
50W halogen MR-16 lamps with comparable light output
• Long life—12,000 hours rated average life*, 4 times longer than
standard 3000 hour 50W halogen MR-16 lamps
• Lamp-to-lamp color consistency
• GX10 twist-and-lock design locks base into place
• Miniturized reflector eliminates need for optical design
• Available in 25 Watts with 10, 25,and 40 degree beam spreads