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MasterColor® CDM MR16 Elite
The next generation in
retail lighting -Simply
MasterColor® CDM MR16 Elite
The Elite family is at the very top of the MasterColor CDM
range, and gives a unique combination of unbeatable light
quality and consistent performance over lifetime, while
keeping running costs low. The MasterColor DCM Elite
MR16 combines the famiilar compact shape of MR16
halogen lamps with the performance of ceramic metal
halide MasterColor Elite lamps. Suited for accent/decorative
lighting, general lighting and downlighting in retail
applications; or for outdoor landscaping and architectural
• Easy to install and replace, 100% compatible with existing HID
systems in markets today
• Miniaturized reflector eliminates need for optical design
• Excellent choice for today's lighting designs
• Sparkling light - 90 CRI with crisp white light (3000K)
• Long life- 12,000 hours rated average life*
• Lamp-to-lamp color consistency
• GX10 twist-and-lock design locks base into place
• Miniaturized
• Ideal for display lighting, and accent lighting, general lighting and
down lighting in retail applications; and for outdoor landscaping and
architectural effects in retail and hospitality applications.