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MasterColor® CDM Integrated PAR38 Protected
Transform your
business with a simple
MasterColor® CDM Integrated PAR38 Protected
The Philips MasterColor® 25W Integrated is an all-in-one
lamp and ballast in a PAR38 reflector.
• Philips MC CDM Integrated PAR38 lamps are an easy upgrade and
instant retrofit from halogen PAR38 lamps.
• Features a high power factor (.96) which means more lamps can be
used on each circuit.
• Energy efficient and long life lamps.
• Energy Savings—Up to 3x less energy consumption than standard
75W PAR38 halogen lamps with comparable light output
• 15,000 hours rated average life
• Lasts up to 3x longer than standard 75W PAR38 halogen lamps
• Improved light output— 1450 initial lumens
• Offered in 10, 25 and 40 degree beam spreads
• Very good color rendering of 87, crisp white light (3000K)
• 25W 3000K Flood,Spot, and wide flood versions
• Ideal for general, ambient, or accent lighting.
LED21ED17/740 LED21ED17/740
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