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GE ConstantColor PulseArc CMH PAR30
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ConstantColor®CMH PAR30 Lamps
These exclusive GE ConstantColor CMH ceramic metal halide lamps
provide lamp-to-lamp color uniformity and terrific energy saving solutions.
Color uniformity lamp-to-lamp
Ceilings will look clean and bright, with minimal color variation lamp-to-lamp.
ConstantColor CMH provides a consistent “white look”, which is critical for interior applications.

Long life
2 – 3 times longer life than Incandescent or Halogen PAR lamp

Highly efficient
4 times more lumens per watt than Incandescent or Halogen PARs

Excellent color rendering
Warm white light (3000K) and exceptional color rendering (>80 CRI) make ConstantColor CMH an ideal source for indoor applications