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CMH Ceramic Metal Halide T4.5
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GE ConstantColor CMH Mini Lamps
Featuring huge energy savings – from
$33.00 to $260.00* per lamp– and the
widest range of Ceramic Metal Halide
"mini" single-ended G8.5 lamps, from
the GE 20-Watt up to 70-Watts.
Color uniformity lamp-to-lamp
Ceilings will look clean and bright, with minimal color
variation lamp-to-lamp. ConstantColor® CMH®
provides a consistent "white look" for color-critical
applications such as retail display.
Excellent color rendering
Warm white light (>80 CRI @ 3000K) and crisp cool white
(>90 CRI @ 4200K) are available for setting the desired
look for the application.
Highly efficient
4 times more lumens per watt than comparable
incandescent or halogen lamps.
Long life
Lamp life of 12,000 up to 18,000 hours provides for
extended relamp cycles and reduced maintenance costs
Point source of light
Compact quartz envelope allows for terrific fixture optics
to maximize system efficiency.