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CMH Ceramic Metal Halide T6
GE ConstantColor CMH Single-Ended G12 Lamps
Featuring huge energy savings from $33.00
to $260.00* per lamp and the widest range
of Ceramic Metal Halide single-ended lamps,
from the GE exclusive 20-Watt all the way up
to 150-Watts.
Color uniformity lamp-to-lamp
Ceilings will look clean and bright, with minimal color
variation lamp-to-lamp. ConstantColor® CMH®
provides a consistent "white look" for color-critical
applications such as retail display.
Excellent color rendering
Warm white light (>80 CRI @ 3000K) and crisp cool
white (>90 CRI @ 4200K) are available for setting the
desired look for the application.
Highly efficient
4 times more lumens per watt than comparable
incandescent or halogen lamps
Long life
Lamp life of 12,000 up to 18,000 hours provides
for extended relamp cycles and reduced maintenance costs